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Making a difference in how you do Odoo
We keep your business goals at the center of your project

Technical Expertise

With over a decade of experience in Software Engineering and the Odoo platform as well multiple successful GO-LIVE our team is ready to assist you with any challenges along the way

Odoo Knowledge

Combining technical and functional expertise of the system allows us to always deliver the easiest solution to any issues you might be facing

Logistics Experience

Our team has found creative solutions to many of our customers' logistics challenges, a point that has become increasingly important since the Covid-19 Pandemic

Creative Thinking

Our team members at every role from developer, engineer, consultant are all selected to put emphasis on innovating at every step of the way to make sure that we are not just staying up to date, but always at the forefront in business innovation

Not just another Odoo partner

We make the difference by showing you what we can deliver instead of just promising it to you.
Have you had a disastrous experience with another Odoo partner?

So did they, before they found us.

Phillips Scott

A wholesale furniture company whose ERP configuration and website were completed by our team.
Our tailor-made features for the furniture industry 

  • Automated over 75% of their business processes
  • Reduced their cost through state-of-the art "ready to ship" strategies and complex promotional programs capabilities
  • Increased the availability of information and transparency for their customer with accurate lead times updated in real time

Look at their website

About the Team

Our purpose at Simtec IT is to inspire clients to dream of living a better life by adding a One Solution Platform to run their business, creating extra time, efficiency, and peace of mind to one's business surroundings.

Our values and principles remain unchanged ever since our beginnings over 30 years ago in the IT business and throughout the years as Microsoft Certified System Engineers, Microsoft Certified Trainers, Microsoft Certified Solutions Providers and now as Certified Odoo Experts.

Our trusted team combines thorough technical expertise of ERP systems and of Odoo with top-level experience in many industries to allow us to identify what your company really needs and define how to make it happen.

We employ the best. Every single member of our team has an impressive business and/or educational track record from Masters' Degree in Software Engineering to previous experience in managing multi-million dollar businesses.

Our team has now put all its efforts and operations into focusing on helping businesses like yours get to the next level with the one software platform solution. We strive to bring your business a new level of service and results.